Helping OFW’s Go Home for Good and Earn from Home

“Thank you for your inspiring story. I read your e-book and it gives hope for us OFW’s. I am a Design Manager here is Dubai, UAE, working for an Engineering Consultancy. I am delighted to know that a Virtual Project Manager could be suited for my experience and profession.” – Ernie Y., Dubai UAE

What You Will Get from the Book:

  •  Secret revealed how you too can go home for good in less than 10 Months with VA business
  • Know the benefits of virtual assistance business, (Liza has been blessed by priceless moments with her family and also got a free trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
  • Learn how you can start your virtual assistance business while working abroad
  • Tips in searching and winning LEGIT virtual clients
  • Guide in deciding to go home for good and going full-time earning from home with virtual assistance business

About Liza

Liza worked in Abu Dhabi for more than four years and is now working and earning from home. She helps her fellow OFW’s also go home for good through her e-books and online mentoring programs. Her journey of Going Home for Good was already featured in an e-Magazine. She was also invited to speak in a Virtual Career Summit to inspire people who also wants to work from home, where she was privileged to share the stage with Bro. Bo Sanchez (her favorite author, speaker and preacher).

And now, she hopes to inspire you too by her story of going home for good.

Read Liza’s Journey of Going Home for Good


“Liza has not only inspired me, but has taught me more valuable advice, guidance and motivation for pursuing my virtual career. She believes in your abilities. She is very persistent and her enthusiasm is contagious in her tutorial videos and through emails and chats. She sparked my drive and ambition to find my way back home to my family for good by choosing the right path to virtual career. She sees the best in you and helps you to build a plan on how to put those strengths and passions to work in a career. Equal parts business and advisor, coach, friend and cheerleader, Liza helps you to bring your vision to life. I’m very grateful to have worked with her during a challenging period professionally and highly recommend her mentoring services to any OFW who is looking to go back home for good by pursuing the path to be a virtual professional. Thank you so much, coach Liza!.”
Norwyn B. - OFW Engineer in Ghana, Africa


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