About My Journey Home for Good and Earning from Home


Dear Kababayan,

Kumusta? I am Liza Dela Cruz. Before, I thought working abroad is the only means to earn big money, so I could provide a better life to my family and a better future for my kids.

Though it was painful, I had to leave my kids back home, so I could work abroad.

Being away from my family was so difficult. Sometimes, at night, I just cried myself to sleep. I missed them so much. Homesick was killing me.

And as a mother, I was not able to take care of my daughters when they were sick.

I was not able to watch and cheer them during their school performances.

I was not able to celebrate with them during their wins, their birthdays and all those special moments in their lives.

I was not there when my daughters needed a mother.

One night, I received a call. It was from my mother. She said that my 6-year old daughter did something bad in school.

I was working abroad for a better future for my kids, but that time, I imagined my daughter, already grown up drinking beer with her bad influence friends with red eyes.

I asked myself, “Can I really provide a better future for my kids by working abroad?”

Tears fell down my eyes because I knew my daughter needs me by her side. I wanted to go home.

And when I went home for a short 30-day vacation for the first time after more than 2 years of working abroad, my youngest daughter at 3 years old, didn’t know me. She loved her nanny more than me.

I left her when she was just 6 months old and I regret my decision of leaving her that young. It was so painful on my part as her mother.

I wanted to stay for good. I don’t want to go back and work abroad again.

But settling in the Philippines that time was not possible because I had zero savings. I had no other source of income but my job in Abu Dhabi. I also had credit card debts..

I tried to earn extra income, so I could pay my debts. I joined Multi-Level- Marketing. I met mentors and they told me that MLM can lead me home for good within three years just doing the business.

I mastered the business and conducted mass presentations. I presented any where possible, in cars, flats, fast foods even in parks. I distributed flyers in the malls and streets. I was even called a scammer. It was a humbling experience.

I really thought MLM would lead me home for good, but with all those efforts, I failed. But as they say try and try until you succeed. I joined in several MLM companies exerted the same time and a lot of effort but still I failed.

I decided to quit MLM, but I never quit on my dream that me and my husband would be going home for good and be with our daughters someday.

So, I continued searching opportunities that could help me achieve my dream.

Until one day, I discovered the possibility of working and earning from home. But, I needed to develop my skills first before I can work for virtual clients.

June 2013 when I pursued my virtual career.

During the weekdays, after my 8am-5pm job in Abu Dhabi, after dinner until midnight and sometimes until 2am, I developed my skill in web designing, I built websites and submitted proposals to virtual clients.

Even during the weekends, after chatting with my daughters, I worked on building my virtual career.

But it was not easy to win a virtual client. My proposals were rejected a lot of times. But since MLM made me rejection proof, I continued submitting proposals to prospect clients. That was a lot better than distributing flyers in the streets.

One day, I tried to review my cover letter and changed my strategy in writing my proposals.

And, finally, in November 2013, I got my first virtual client. She’s based in USA and I managed and built her websites.

But since I was a manager in my company in Abu Dhabi, I also submitted proposals to managerial projects.

December 2013, when God answered my prayers and I was hired full-time as Virtual Operations/Project Manager by an executive coach based in Netherlands.

After a lot of refection and prayers, January 2014 when me and my husband decided to submit our resignation letters to our employers in Abu Dhabi.

April 2014 when we finally said goodbye to Abu Dhabi and went home for good.

Since then, being Virtual Project Manager became our bread and butter.

I have been involved in executive coaching projects where executive leaders of known international companies like Philips, Nike, Heineken, Tommy Hilfiger where being coached.

Choosing to be a full-time virtual project manager and going home for good is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Being with my daughters every day, guiding them to their true success is so priceless!

Another gift I received for deciding to go full time as Virtual Project Manager was all expenses paid trip to Netherlands. It was such a heart-warming experience to finally meet and hug the person who became God’s instrument, so I can be with my daughters every day with a viable income I receive every month, in advance. Yes, you read it right I am being paid me a month in advance.

Working from home has blessed me and my family, so I have been sharing my story to inspire others. My journey of Going Home for Good was already featured in an e-Magazine.


I was also invited to speak in a Virtual Summit where I was privileged to share the stage with Bro. Bo Sanchez.


I was also one of the resource speakers in the first ever, Overseas Filipino Summit held last December 2018. 

I would love to hear from you. You can reach me out via email at liza@taketheleapbackhome.com or via whatsapp +639988980934