I am now a work-at-home mom and I am really enjoying it.

You know why?

Every morning, I could prepare my kids to school. I could even watch their performances during school programs. I could have a breakfast date with my husband. I could take my parents to the movie house. I could go to the grocery with my mother.

After lunch, I could have my siesta comfortably on my bed.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, I start working. I really love that my office is just a few steps from our bed. No traffic! Kahit di pa ako naliligo or naka pajama pa ako, pwede ako mag work.

When my kids arrive home from school, I could just stop working. I’ll hug and kiss my daughters. We will have snacks and chat for an hour before I go back to work again. While I’m working, they play or review. We will all have our dinner together. And again, we enjoy the chats and laughs during dinner.

When it’s time to go to bed, I could tell them a story first or sing them a song before they sleep, share our dream houses and dream vacations. This is our tuck-in moments.

I could celebrate special events with them like birthdays, Chirstmas, New year, etc and escort them and pin their medals during Recognition Days!

All of these are priceless! I have been enjoying all these since I came home for good!

Think of a job that could give you all these time with your family, especially if you are working abroad. Y

Is it even possible?


I was able to pay-off one of my credit cards debts which reached the amount of AED 32,000. I am still working on zeroing out the other. If I was still abroad, malamang hindi ko pa nabayaran yung isang credit card debt ko at patuloy pa rin syang lumalaki.

I have already started investing in the stock market. Hindi pa naman ganun kalaki yung pera ko dun pero atleast, naumpisahan ko na. I am now able to invest monthly kahit pa 1000 or 2000 lang.

There were also tough financial times. Pero kahit naman nasa abroad ka, di ba? But, I just hold on to God.

I hope you can take the leap back home for good soon and also enjoy these priceless moments with your loved ones!