Amsterdam is one of the best cities in Europe and in the world.

I couldn’t believe I was able to travel there for free! As in all expenses paid!

If I was still working in Abu Dhabi, until now, I am not quite sure if I would be able to smell the air of Europe without spending thousands of dirhams. I actually don’t know if Europe travel will ever be possible.

But thanks to this virtual assistance business that led me home for good!

One of my clients is from Netherlands. She gave me sponsorship. She paid everything. Why would a client or boss do that? Well for her, she just wanted to meet me and she wanted me to attend one of the most important events of her business, the 20th anniversary celebration.

I have a very strong relationship with my clients/bosses.


I consider my clients/bosses as my friends and treat them as one.

Having this mentality and mind set gives me the best attitude towards work. It gives me this sense of responsibility to help my “client-friends” be successful in their businesses.

I guess she knows and feel the sincerity I have in my heart for her and her business. Even though I am working remotely from home and she is in the other part of the world, she appreciates my efforts.

That is why, she had this “brilliant” idea of giving me a free trip to Netherlands.

I hope this story inspired you that there are good opportunities when you decide to take the leap back home for good.