Helping OFWs Go Home for Good

Inside this Free Book Discover:

  • My strategy in pursuing virtual assistance business which led me home for good
  • My Free Trip to Amsterdam because of this business
  • How this business enabled me to still work remotely from the Philippines for my former employer in Abu Dhabi
  • 7 Steps to Get Your First Client
  • 4 Tips to Maintain Your Clients, thus Stable Income
  • Considerations before going home for good

Liza Dela Cruz is a happy wife, and a mother to two lovely girls. She is the only child of dedicated teachers.

She worked in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for more than four years holding a Telecommunications Engineer residence visa.

While working abroad, she and her better half, always longed to be with their children whom they entrusted to their parents in the Philippines.

While in Abu Dhabi, she grabbed every opportunity she thought would help her go home for good to be with her two daughters.

She pursued the virtual assistance business for ten months which brought her home for good and provided her a decent income in the Philippines.

Her passion now is to inspire her fellow OFW’s. It is a calling for her to help expats replace their income abroad and be reunited with their families.

Thus, the founding of “Take the Leap Back Home.” 

June 2017

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